GEN POP - PPM66 Vinyl LP

Gen Pop started in Olympia, Washington in 2016. Four faces in the same mirror all with a different reflection. It's not high-brow or low-brow but unibrow. Don't bother making musical comparisons, speak instead in terms of the mood, which, for lack of a better term, may be described as "tense". We've all had the feeling of careening headlong into a wall, eyes wide but seeing nothing, so you'll know what to expect. BUT if you must, think Swell Maps meets Buzzcocks in the late eighties American indie scene.

Track List:
1.1 Bell Book Candle
1.2 Bright Light People
1.3 Hanging Drum
1.4 Plastic Comb
1.5 Jilted and Blitzed
1.6 My Apartment
1.7 Personal Fantasy
1.8 Concrete
1.9 Easy
1.10 Easy Reprise
1.11 Pixel Glow
1.12 Me Alive

Label: Post Present Medium

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