3 x Vinyl LP, MP3 download codes, 12-page booklet including an original short story and the full color original artwork. New vinyl release of The Foreign Films 'The Record Collector' will be a career high: an ambitious 3-disc concept album with an accompanying 12-page booklet, including a short story and lavishly packaged in a vinyl box set housed in a custom die-cut slipcase.

Track List:
1.1 Shadow in the Light
1.2 The Sun Will Shine Again
1.3 Junior Astronomer's Club
1.4 The Record Collector
1.5 Cinematic Kiss (In Dreams)
1.6 She Reveals Her Heart
1.7 Teardrop Town
1.8 Emily Blue
1.9 Broken Dreams
1.10 Land of 1000 Goodbyes
1.11 State of the Art
1.12 Lucky Streak
2.1 Northern Love Song
2.2 Stars in Her Eyes
2.3 Empire of the Night
2.4 Girl By the River
2.5 The Deluxe, 6. a Foolish Symphony (Wait)
2.6 Aloha Blue Sky
2.7 Falling Like a Star
2.8 Time Dissapears (La Lune de L'amour)
2.9 Dream Another Dream
2.10 Sunset Beyond the Sea
2.11 A Letter (To Our Future Selves)
3.1 Sweet Sorrow
3.2 You Were My Summer Sun
3.3 Drive-In
3.4 The Loneliest Night
3.5 Emily's Dream Sequence (La Magia de los Suenos)
3.6 Summer Fades
3.7 Maze of Your Heart
3.8 Silver Tears of Rain (My Darling Dear)
3.9 Star Gazing
3.10 Fall of the Summer Heart
3.11 She Disappeared
3.12 Victoria (Miss India)
3.13 Lost at Sea
3.14 Ghost of Myself

Label: Sonic Envy

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