Outrospective is the third album by Faithless, originally released on the 18th June 2001. It was the follow up to "Sunday 8pm" and the predecessor to "No Roots", with this album being their biggest selling album in the UK. Pressed onto double LP, 180gram black vinyl.

Track List:

1.1 Donny X
1.2 Not Enuff Love - Faithless / the Family Dogg ; Steve Rowland
1.3 We Come 1
1.4 Crazy English Summer
1.5 Muhammad Ali - Faithless / Archie Bell ; the Drells
1.6 Machines R Us
2.1 One Step Too Far - Faithless Feat. Dido
2.2 Tarantula
2.3 Giving Myself Away
2.4 Code
2.5 Evergreen
2.6 Liontamer

Label: Sony

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