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Vinyl LP pressing. The Drums released the critically acclaimed Abysmal Thoughts in 2017, marking the band's first release as a solo project from Jonny Pierce. Two years later, The Drums present their tremendous, self-care focused fifth LP Brutalism, quite possibly the best collection of songs in the band's ten-year career. Like Pierce, Brutalism is a bicoastal record - written and recorded between Upstate New York and a studio in Stinson Beach. Following a painful divorce and an incredibly difficult stint living solely in Los Angeles, Pierce decided it was time to face his demons, and the making of this record is a part of that process. While he focused on his mental health, the making of Brutalism became an extension of self-care for Pierce, and makes for some of his most honest and relatable music to date.

Track List:

1.1 Pretty Cloud
1.2 Body Chemistry
1.3 626 Bedford Avenue
1.4 Brutalism
1.5 Loner
2.1 I Wanna Go Back
2.2 Kiss It Away
2.3 Nervous
2.4 Blip of Joy
2.5 Try

Label: Epitaph
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