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Trash Temple is dog's first full length LP. The Brooklyn trio have long been embedded in the East Cost Noise/ Noise Rock scene which has included bands such as Guerrilla Toss, Pucker Up, New England Patriots, Bugs and Fats and many more. Dog transforms sound into science fiction fantasy. Their music is dark - but it's not miserable. They take a grotesque sound and make it ultimately playful and absolutely intriguing. It is a true challenge to explain their sound simply as it is holy unique. Dog's music is primitivism at it's best - the result of an alien visit to an early human tribe from the early days of creation.

Track List:

1.1 Cyborg Messiah
1.2 Holy Diesel
1.3 Great Frog Deity of the North
1.4 Delightful Flower of Open Abyss
1.5 Living Stone of the Cave of the Vapour King
1.6 Path Over Sleeping Mountain Giant
1.7 He Waits in Blue for Me
1.8 Children of the Swamp
1.9 Key Man Back at Midnight
1.10 Ride the Darkness
1.11 Ninth Gate to Deep Reservoir

Label: Drop Medium
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