Limited white vinyl LP pressing. Deluxe expanded edition of the galvanizing 2009 album from hardcore British punk icons, Discharge. Along with founding members Anthony "Bones" Roberts and Royston "Rainy" Wainwright, this is the only studio album to feature vocalist Anthony "Rat" Martin, of The Varukers. Includes two bonus tracks recorded the same year but not included on the album!

Track List:

1.1 Blood of the Innocent
1.2 CCTV
1.3 What Method What Madness
1.4 They Lie You Die
1.5 Becomes Again and Again
1.6 Spoils of War
1.7 Persuasian = Power
1.8 Web of Disadvantage
1.9 Ignorance Your Surrender
1.10 Kept in the Dark
1.11 You Have the Gun
1.12 Will Deceive You
1.13 Beginning of the End
1.14 No Return
1.15 Legacy You Left Behind - Bonus Track
1.16 Propaganda Feeds - Bonus Track

Label: Cleopatra

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