Vinyl LP pressing. 2012 album from the Alt-Rock outfit. Deerhoof love music, so it comes as no surprise that they'd follow up their polygenre Polyvinyl debut Deerhoof vs. Evil with another album of distinct songs containing music. Other bands in their cultural position have found alternate methods of keeping the public's interest - visually stunning Tumblr accounts, promotional fonts, salvia grinders, skulls containing snuff films - but Deerhoof are still having too many melodic dreams to ride the storm. Instead, Ms. Matsuzaki, Mr. Saunier, Mr. Dietrich, and Professor Rodriguez are promoting their new batch of 11 song so that one might consider the worth of a melody and perhaps even smile.

Track List:
1.1 Breakup Songs
1.2 There's That Grin
1.3 Bad Kids to the Front
1.4 Zero Seconds Pause
1.5 Mothball the Fleet
1.6 Flower
1.7 To Fly or Not to Fly
1.8 The Trouble with Candyhands
1.9 We Do Parties
1.10 Mario's Flaming Whiskers III
1.11 Fete D'adieu

Label: Polyvinyl Records

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