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"I'm prepared to tell everybody everything." This statement from Cub Sport frontman and songwriter Tim Nelson, so clear-eyed and headstrong in it's intent, is at the heart of the beloved Australian four-piece's new album, LIKE NIRVANA. The band's fourth record, embraces every side of Nelson: the angelic lightness as well as the haunted darkness.LIKE NIRVANA is a glistening, tightly-woven exploration of religious reckoning, oppressive structures of masculinity, and feelings of inadequacy. Dovetailing with a shift in vocalist's Tim Nelson's gender expression - they now identify as 'free', and use both neutral and male pronouns - the record is impressionistic and abstract, pushing aside the brightly coloured realism of 2019's self-titled record in favour of gauzy lucid dreams. It recasts recasts as fearless innovators, experimentalists willing to blow up everything about the Cub Sport of old in order to create this dazzling and daring new chapter. The album has earned 4.5/5 stars in Rolling Stone Australia with the review highlighting Nelson as' "as one of this generation's most gifted songwriters.""A horde of hopefuls will find solace within Like Nirvana, yet the hopeless will feel heard, and lovers of pop will obsess over it's hooks and 80s reinvention." Rolling Stone Australia

Track List:

1.1 Intro
1.2 Confessions
1.3 My Dear (Can I Tell You My Greatest Fears)
1.4 I Feel Like I Am Changin'
1.5 Drive
1.6 Be Your Man
1.7 Break Me Down (with Mallrat)
1.8 Nirvana
1.9 Saint
1.10 18
1.11 Best Friend
1.12 Be Your Angel
1.13 Grand Canyon

Label: Cub Sport Records
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