Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation Green Vinyl LP


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Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation Green Vinyl LP

Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation Green Vinyl LP

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Lynch Mob began their journey in 1989 after Dokken members George Lynch and Mick Brown left the band to start their own new powerhouse quartet, which delivered their debut smash "Wicked Sensation" for the Elektra label in 1990.

With Lynch's phenomenal guitar work, the hard-hitting drums of Mick Brown, the powerful bass lines of Anthony Esposito, and the soaring lead vocals of Oni Logan, "Wicked Sensation" truly was a masterwork for the hard rock and metal audiences worldwide.

Featuring several smash rock radio hits like "River Of Love" "Wicked Sensation" "Rain" and "Through These Eyes", this album truly delivered the goods and brought the band a top-charting debut rock album.

Being released during the height of the compact disc boom, the single Lp was only released through a record club, and it fetches hundreds of dollars if you can find one.

Friday Music is no stranger to the hard rock sounds of Lynch Mob, as we are very pleased to present to you the magnificent debut smash of "Wicked Sensation", now on a first time 2 LP Translucent Green Vinyl album set.

Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso (Dokken/Thin Lizzy/Queensryche) at Friday Music Studios from the Elektra Records tapes, the deluxe 2 Lp set will also be enhanced with a first-time gatefold cover art, making this one of the more collectible hard rock albums this year.


LP  1

Side One:

  1. Wicked Sensation
  2. River Of Love
  3. Sweet Sister Mercy

Side Two:

  1. All I Want
  2. Hell Child
  3. She's Evil But She's Mine

LP 2

Side Three:

  1. Dance Of The Dogs
  2. Rain
  3. No Bed Of Roses

Side Four:

  1. Through These Eyes
  2. For A Million Years
  3. Street Fightin' Man
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