Evosound proudly presents Chlara's evo sessions with 11 tracks on the LP of her favorite classic songs, mainly with acoustic accompaniment. These famous classic songs can resonate throughout different generations from early 20's to 21st century like "Love Me Tender" or "Stay With Me". Chlara is a British-born singer / songwriter recognised as an acoustic songbird, learned to sing and play guitar when she was a young teenager. "evo sessions" is her third album release in 4 years. Chlara is not only young and pretty, she possess a lovely sweet voice, and when you hear her sing with a high dynamic range, you can totally feel the passion and energy she puts into her songs. Included in this album is a song she wrote herself called "Bliss". The audio of evo sessions was recorded during a live video shoot. The idea of evo sessions started since 2017 summer, the live music video was shot in studio and because of the fabulous sound quality, evosound decided to release as a full album.

Track List:

1.1 This Love
1.2 Ocean Deep
1.3 Stay with Me
1.4 True Colours
1.5 Follow Me
1.6 Bliss
1.7 Love Me Tender
1.8 Wonderwall/Sorry
1.9 Wild World
1.10 When I Dream
1.11 Hotel California

Label: Evosound

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