Vinyl LP repressing. Heaven Tonight is Cheap Trick's third studio album, released in 1978. Heaven Tonight is considered Cheap Trick's best album by many fans and critics and it remains their best known studio full length release. While their debut album Cheap Trick showed the band's darker, rawer side and In Color explored a lighter, more pop-oriented persona, Heaven Tonight combined both elements to produce a hook-filled pop-rock album with an attitude. Popular songs from this album include the anthemic "Surrender", "Auf Wiedersehen", the title track, and a cover of The Move's "California Man". Heaven Tonight is also known as the first album ever recorded with a 12-string electric bass.

Track List:

1.1 Surrender 4:14
1.2 On Top of the World 4:02
1.3 California Man 3:45
1.4 High Roller 3:58
1.5 Auf Wiedersehen 3:41
2.1 Takin' Me Back 4:53
2.2 On the Radio 4:33
2.3 Heaven Tonight 5:25
2.4 Stiff Competition (Album Version) 3:40
2.5 How Are You? (Album Version) 4:14
2.6 Oh Claire (Album Version) 1:01

Label: Epic

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