After their successful 2017 album "Hologram Moon", Kirlian Camera present the first sample from their upcoming double album "Cold Pills", titled "The 8th President" The title track already shows that the Italians have not forgotten their craft in terms of dark and melancholic electronics, to the contrary. "The 8th President" shows the Italians in top form in terms of songwriting and arrangements, garnished with the floating ethereal vocals of Elena Alice Fossi. So much gloom and at the same time sparkling light-footedness has probably never been heard in one song. "'Cold Pills' will be our darkest album yet" promise Angelo Bergamini and Elena Alice Fossi. "The 8th President" is their convincing first impact of what is to come from Kirlian Camera in 2021.

Track List:

1.1 The 8th President
1.2 Phoenix Aliena (Italian Version)
1.3 The Golden Carousel

Label: Dependent

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