You heard it here first - it's the Gold Record we always knew Bill Callahan had in him! Last summer, he returned from a silence of years - now, he's raring to go with another new one already. The abiding humanity of latter-day Callahan is highlighted by dark plumes of caustic wit upending standards of our everyday life and the songs that celebrate it: the job, the wife, the TV, the neighbors. Bill slips easily into his characters, whether they're easy people or not - and the cross-hatch of their light and shadow is unpredictably entertaining in the manner that belongs only one singer in this whole wide world: we're still talking about Bill Callahan.

Track List:
1.1 Pigeons
1.2 Another Song
1.3 35
1.4 Protest Song
1.5 The Mackenzies
1.6 Let's Move To The Country
1.7 Breakfast
1.8 Cowboy
1.9 Ry Cooder
1.10 As I Wander

Label: Drag City

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