The Helsinki-based Bowman Trio return with their second LP "Persistence", a strong effort showcasing the young trio's knack at creating dynamic, sparse and memorable music which carries well the term "loft jazz" occasionally attached to it. Here, drummer Sami Nummela, trumpeter Tomi Nikku and bassist Joonas Tuuri present nine strong originals. The Trio moves from the introspective, calm moments of "Badwater", "Mac Elliot" and "MA en jaksa" to the full swing of "The Chase" and the solid grind of "Persistence". The album closing track "Sista sommardagen" ("The last day of summer" in Swedish) is a hauntingly beautiful, delicately breezy ballad. Two years in the making, the album is a testament to the album title and a fine example of a band taking time in developing their sound to perfection.

Track List:
1.1 Willows Intro
1.2 Persistence
1.3 Badwater
1.4 MA en Jaksa
1.5 Willows Outro
1.6 The Chase
1.7 My Horse
1.8 Mac Elliot
1.9 Sista Sommardagen

Label: We Jazz

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