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Vinyl LP pressing. Historically, rock music has often been thought of as an exception to art - as if it's status as non-painting makes it ordinary - and occasionally still, rock A nA roll is viewed as the work of aberrant groups of aggressive men. But Bombay Beach turns out to be what contemporary art has become: genre mixing, non-solipsistic, and in many ways free. The band calls this the time of a "New American Rage," and they're turning to creative mythology and artistic community to repurpose it. The Death Tape rage has a certain level-headedness behind it, and it comes through in a way that best befits change: in collective raucous fun, beauty in the atonal, and spontaneity that signify the subversion of the everyday story. Many of the sounds and lyrics here are in service of a bigger narrative the band is currently working up for a film.

Track List:

1.1 Black Overture
1.2 Slab City
1.3 Ships
1.4 Murder USA
1.5 Consumed By the City
1.6 Lip Oil
1.7 Singularity Chorus
1.8 Wood Shampoo
1.9 Mickey Rata
1.10 Breakneckbreakbottle
1.11 A Bug in the System
1.12 Thee Mote
1.13 Desert Chase
1.14 Future Fever
1.15 I;I
1.16 New American Rage
1.17 Sonny
1.18 Deep City Chase

Label: Amigo Amiga
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