Ayron Jones - Chronicles Of The Kid Gold Vinyl LP


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Ayron Jones - Chronicles Of The Kid Gold Vinyl LP

Ayron Jones - Chronicles Of The Kid Gold Vinyl LP

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This color variant is an Experience Vinyl exclusive. Limited to 500 copies!

 Maximum Volume Music 9/10

“… he’s growing as an artist before our eyes. He’s not a kid anymore, but Ayron Jones is one of the finest artists around, and these, most certainly, are his chronicles and his alone"

Rock News 

“Ayron Jones has truly outdone himself with his latest album” / “From the moment we first witnessed Ayron Jones’ electrifying live performance at Download festival last year, we knew we were in the presence of something extraordinary. Now, having had the privilege of listening to his latest album, “Chronicles Of The Kid,” we can confidently say that Ayron Jones is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry” / “What sets this album apart is its remarkable production quality” / “From the very moment the needle hits the vinyl or now days the digital play button is pressed, this album emanates an unmistakable aura of timelessness. It possesses an inherent quality that sets it apart from its contemporaries, making it an instant classic”

 My Global Mind 9/10 review 

“… Ayron Jones keeps sizzling forward with impunity as his new offering kicks all kinds of ass” / “The grooves are all there, the crunch, the heavy, the soul and the raw lyrics all point the record in a most impactful direction” / “Welcome to the big leagues Ayron, now go catch these guys live you won’t be disappointed”

 Distorted Sound 8/10 review 

“… the raw and gritty nature on display makes Chronicles Of The Kid an imperative listen for those in need of some catharsis”


“Chronicles of the Kid marks the chapter in Jones’ career that cements his signature style”

 Ghost Cult 

“This is a remarkable record”


1. Strawman
2. Blood In The Water
3. The Title
4. Otherside
5. My America
6. Living For The Fall
7. “Filthy”
8. Get High
9. The Sky Is Crying
10. On Two Feet I Stand

Label: Big Machine/John Varvatos Records

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