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Recorded in the Autumn of 2020 at Wonka Sound Studio in Lowell, Massachusetts, Assorted Orchids' self-titled debut album consists entirely of steel and nylon-stringed acoustic guitar inspired by the ornate and intricate yet rhythmic and pulsating fingerpicking patterns of Mississippi John Hurt, Donovan, and Nick Drake. Additional instrumentation is kept to a bare minimum and vocals are up front in the mix, fragile but forceful, delicate but precise. With a total running time just shy of 30 minutes, the album was designed and sequenced like a short story: a pure distillation of a single mood. As Pete Seeger would say, it's "sit-down music". Whale Watch Records (Mariee Sioux, Bingo Club) is proud to present these first ten songs of Assorted Orchids. It is music best paired with driving alone at night or sitting in a circle with friends, drinking, smoking, and talking. Don't forget to dim the lights.

Track List:

1.1 Uninspired
1.2 Sunrise
1.3 Tried ; True
1.4 Today
1.5 From the Cradle to the Grave
1.6 Blinded by the Moon (A Miracle)
1.7 Aiming High
1.8 Breathing Easy
1.9 The Mighty Kingdom
1.10 Outer Space

Label: Whale Watch Records
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