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Vinyl LP pressing. On 'Phantom Forest' Lydia Ainsworth introduces a lush, complex dream world that she created and inhabits largely on her own. It's a beautiful, vast collection of art pop with hooks about the search for personal connections in the midst of apocalypse and technology. It's a journey that holds up to close listening (and lyric reading) and to dance floors, but can also exist on a purely emotional plane. In all cases, it asks that you listen, and take some kind of action. Lydia notes that although the self-produced album is considered pop, she approached it as an orchestrator. "Even if I'm dealing purely with synths," she says, "The songs are like a score, each one an evolving journey. I love to use strings so I've included my own arrangements on 'Tell Me I Exist' and 'Can You Find Her Place.' I recorded live musicians on drums, bass, and guitar on 'Edge of the Throne,' 'The Time,' and 'Floating Dream,' and wove those live elements into my programmed elements." She wrote and performed everything aside from a re-imagined cover of Pink Floyd's "Green is the Color"; two other tracks are co-written with Survive's Kyle Dixon (Stranger Things OST), to which Ainsworth wrote melodies and added lyrics to his instrumentals.

Track List:

1.1 Diamonds Cutting Diamonds
1.2 Tell Me I Exist
1.3 Can You Find Her Place
1.4 Edge of the Throne
1.5 Kiss the Future
1.6 The Time
1.7 Give It Back to You
1.8 Floating Dream
1.9 Green Is the Colour

Label: Zombie Cat Records
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