I am delighted to bring you the fortuitous news from the world of the Acid Carousel traveling rock and roll circus! They say that sweet Texas heat cooks up more than just dehydration, oh yes it is floating amongst the airwaves that we find the most oddest things. "The most oddest thing?" You ask. Why, that's exactly what we're here to discuss, no time for tomfoolery. I know this is rather exciting news but please do keep your wits about you. Yes, it's true, a new album is here! Why it seemed like only mere moments ago that the Carousel Connection so graciously gifted us with such classics as Another Everything and Money for the Kids, why on earth would they think that the public was capable of handling more?!? But let me tell you this ladies, gentlemen, and all other patrons of the land, the Carousel are here for you. THE MOST ODDEST THING is coming to bring jubilation and ebullience back to you and your community. Recorded at the bands former operating base, The Candy Mansion, THE MOST ODDEST THING finds the lads ditching electricity and relying solely on nothing but 100% usda grade organic instruments of music expression. A spokesperson for the group claimed this choice was "purely economical" and had absolutely nothing at all to do with Bob Dylan. However we all know the real truth of the matter. The truth is, the Carousel knew we needed this, and through the glory of gord did they deliver. ? Hollywood Jones

Track List:

1.1 New Year's Day
1.2 I Am a Dragonfly
1.3 Ghille's Comin'
1.4 Who Knows Wut
1.5 16 Balloons
1.6 Petunia
1.7 I'm Not Confused
1.8 Mother of Prevention
1.9 I Feel Well
1.10 Another Dumbass Like Me
1.11 Always Something
1.12 Anita
1.13 I'm Peach, the Monkey

Label: Dreamy Life Records

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