Selection of the Month - Singles

 Black Hole Sun Vinyl

 Limited to 500 Copies

This is an Experience Vinyl exclusive. Limited to 500 copies!

Shipping: Summer 2023

Experience Vinyl Exclusive - 500  Units

2 Vinyl LPs

The Singles soundtrack was released in early 1992, a full three months before the film opened, and it was an instant hit, eventually selling over two million copies. It's the perfect snapshot of grunge, and of Seattle at a certain place and time.

Cameron Crowe made Singles a full year before grunge became one of the last cultural phenomenons of pre-internet times. The soundtrack is phenomenal, featuring every Seattle band that was hot at the time (except Nirvana).


  1. Would? - Performed by Alice In Chains
  2. Breath - Performed by Pearl Jam
  3. Seasons - Performed by Chris Cornell
  4. Dyslexic Heart - Performed by Paul Westerberg
  5. Battle of Evermore - Performed by The Lovemongers
  6. Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns - Performed by Mother Love Bone
  7. Birth Ritual - Performed by Soundgarden
  8. State of Love and Trust - Performed by Pearl Jam
  9. Overblown - Performed by Mudhoney
  10. Waiting for Somebody - Performed by Paul Westerberg
  11. May This Be Love - Performed by Jimi Hendrix
  12. Nearly Lost You - Performed by Screaming Trees
  13. Drown - Performed by The Smashing Pumpkins