Selection of the Month - Reverend Horton Heat



This color variant is an Experience Vinyl exclusive. Limited to 300 copies!

The Texas-based trio Reverend Horton Heat has been in dire need of a solid album, and, luckily, Spend a Night in the Box is it. The middling material that overruled the lukewarm albums It's Martini Time and Space Heater has been scrapped in favor of strictly swinging material, buoyant rockabilly, and a handful of good ol' fashioned stomp.

The fun kicks in from the get-go with frontman "Reverend" Jim Heath lost inside of a paranoid Cool Hand Luke fantasy; it sounds like sweat and tastes like bourbon. Speaking of bourbon, "Sue Jack Daniels" dives headfirst into the trio's notorious psychobilly sound, upping the tempo and feedback until the whole thing boils over.

Other standout cuts include the thumping "It Hurts Your Daddy Bad" and the trucker fantasy "Sleeper Coach Driver." Spend a Night in the Box, produced by Paul Leary of the Butthole Surfers, is reverently retro and proudly rock & roll. --Jason Josephes


Spend A Night In The Box 3:04
Big D Boogie Woogie 2:54
Sleeper Coach Driver 3:22
The Girl In Blue 3:50
Sue Jack Daniels 3:21
Hand It To Me 3:30
I'll Make Love 2:19
It Hurts Your Daddy Bad 4:01
The Bedroom Again 3:21
King 2:39
Whole Lotta Baby 3:42
The Millionaire 3:54
Unlucky In Love 4:32
The Party In Your Head 3:55