MATRIX / O.S.T. Vinyl LP


Expected 12/3/21

Pressing is clear with red and blue swirl vinyl so you're covered no matter which pill you choose!


Every decade or so a science fiction film comes along that captures the Zeitgeist and simultaneously casts a searchlight into the murk of what's to come. Such a film was The Matrix. Released in 1999 to a public already grappling with huge technological change and subject to Y2K hysteria whipped up by the media,

The Matrix wove such au courant tropes as Japanese animé, Hong Kong martial arts films, cyberpunk sci-fi, and hacker hero worship into a tale of druggy paranoia whose vision of a grim future marked with universal surveillance and pathological interconnectedness actually looks less paranoid by the day. And its soundtrack was similarly forward-looking. Instead of offering the blues-based, heavy metal rock that might have populated the score had the movie been made a decade before, The Matrix tapped into the new, breakbeat electronic sounds making inroads into popular music.

The result was a propulsive audio ride perfectly mated to the film's cinematographic 'bullet time' innovations, a doom-laden, neck-snapping blend of stoner metal, hip hop and electronica. Now, on the eve of the much-anticipated fourth film in the series,


Side 1:

1. Rock Is Dead - Marilyn Manson

2. Spybreak! (Short One) – Propellerheads

3. Bad Blood - Ministry

Side 2:

1. Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Mix) - Rob D

2. Prime Audio Soup - Meat Beat Manifesto

3. Leave You Far Behind - Lunatic Calm

Side 3:

1. Mindfields – Prodigy

2. Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix) - Rob Zombie

3. My Own Summer (Shove It) – Deftones

4. Ultrasonic Sound – Hive

Side 4:

1. Look to Your Orb for Warning - Monster Magnet

2. Du Hast - Rammstein

3. Wake Up - Rage Against the Machine


Label: Real Gone Music

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