Chief of Sales at Furnace Record Pressing/ Founder and Curator of Women in Vinyl

Washington, DC


Jenn D’Eugenio works as the chief of sales at Furnace Record Pressing a full service vinyl pressing plant outside of Washington, DC and is the founder and curator of Women in Vinyl, a website and eventual nonprofit aimed at empowering women working to create, preserve and improve the art of music on vinyl. When it comes to music Jenn is a huge Black Sabbath fan owning over 30+ variants of their third studio album Master of Reality. As far as genres are concerned her musical taste spans the likes of stoner rock, space rock, psych, doom and then some post-punk, post-metal and 90s alternative. In making this mix for Experience Vinyl, Jenn went all out in order to let the listener experience a couple hours worth of music that combine these genres. If you want to check out some of her Sabbath favorites from the first eight albums you can view that playlist here. Check out Jenn’s Black Sabbath and record collection on Instagram @jennn_erator and follow Women in Vinyl on social media at @womeninvinyl