J.R. Corominas is a Rock artist based out of Brooklyn, NY. His sound is comprised of a range of genres within the rock umbrella. Corominas borrows elements of punk, metal, alternative, and blues to create his signature sound. His style consists of frantic guitars, thunderous drums, running bass lines, and vocals that range from a smooth baritone to a tenor on fire. He truly embodies musical freedom. One moment the music will be heavy, loud & fast, then in the next moment, it will be slow and soft. He uses all of these tools to paint the audio canvas, literally.

Corominas writes, records, and produces his own records, not to mention, he is also a visual artist who designs all of his own graphics. This one man production house is truly an independent artist. Checkout J. R. Corominas's music on Spotify, Itunes and other streaming services. Stay up to date with upcoming shows, live streams and new music through instagram @JRCorominas.