Ghost Ramp is proud to present the first ever physical release of Xorcist's brilliant score to 1996's critically acclaimed, bizarro video game BAD MOJO. With stunning new artwork by Mikey Burey, a brand new song remix and a limited orange vinyl pressing, this release is an essential for all gamers and electronic music fans alike. Pulling from the game's unnerving, Kafkaesque themes, Xorcist creates a unique blend of dark ambience, moody synth- wave, elevator jazz and pulsating electronic rhythms that all culminate in the ultimate spine-tingling experience. Like a mysterious relic dug up from another era, this playful soundtrack stands alone as a perfect slice of 90's bizarro electronics.

Track List:

1.1 Bad Mojo Opening Montage
1.2 Eddie Wakes
1.3 The Red Room Under the Sink
1.4 Happy Bar Memories
1.5 Happily Odd
1.6 Eddie Angelina Love Theme
1.7 Eddie Angelina Jazz Theme
1.8 Sad Bar Memories
1.9 Sad Bar Memories Slushed
1.10 Moth Ferry
1.11 Montage at the Bar
1.12 Danger Theme
1.13 One Sad Cigar
1.14 Basement Suite
1.15 Suite of Madness
1.16 Victory Theme
1.17 Bad Mojo (Xorcist Mix featuring Evoltwin.8)

Label: Ghost Ramp

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