Bang! Is the third album by British group World Party, released on April 26, 1993. While previous World Party albums were essentially solo projects by one-man orchestra Karl Wallinger, for this album World Party officially became a three-person group: Wallinger (vocals, keyboards, guitars, basses, etc.), Dave Catlin-Birch (guitars), and Chris Sharrock (drums). As well, the band is aided by a number of guest artists. The album hit #2 on the UK albums chart. This reissue is 180g vinyl.

Track List:

1.1 Kingdom Come
1.2 Is It Like Today?
1.3 What Is Love All About?
1.4 And God Said
1.5 Give It All Away
1.6 Sooner of Later
1.7 Hollywood
1.8 Radio Days
1.9 Rescue Me
1.10 Sunshine
1.11 All I Gave

Label: Seaview

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