Seminal NYC multi-reedist Doug Wieselman has performed with superlative greats (including the Lounge Lizards, Lou Reed, Yoko Ono, Bill Frisell, Iron & Wine, Laurie Anderson, Tricky, etc.) and is significant presence on the NYC Downtown scene over the past three decades. Yet his debut solo recordings offer a surprise. The minimalism, patience, and subtlety on 'From Water' is delicately formed from featherlight interweaving lines of soft, virtuosic clarinet: Wieselman expertly eschewing the larger scale arrangements of his musical background. The resulting album sits somewhere between the refined intelligence of American minimalism and the undecorated purity of ambient music. Like water, there are multiple glorious moments where it's currents coincide and reveal new contrasts and hues, deeply embedded within the harmony. This mesmerising LP is being released by Shahzad Ismaily's figureight records.

Track List:
1.1 Train
1.2 Pacific 2
1.3 Moonshaw
1.4 Tennessee Valley
1.5 Kepler-22B
1.6 Gloria Fleur Madre
1.7 Salmon
1.8 Julia
1.9 Tennessee Valley (Choir)
1.10 Pacific 1

Label: Figureeight Records

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