Limited 180gm heavyweight vinyl LP pressing. Fallen Angel is the 12th album by British rock band Uriah Heep. The album was originally issued in 1978. The ever-evolving story of Uriah Heep found them exploring a more commercial vein than usual on this 1978 release. Fallen Angel reached # 186 in the US but in Germany the band was at the height of their popularity. The artwork was licensed from artist Chris Achilleos, although there seems to have been some alteration to the bodice; the breasts are not as exposed in the original. Whether this was done by Achilleos himself, or even with his approval, is currently unclear. Achilleos' website lists the original artwork as missing. The same artist designed the cover for the Whitesnake album Lovehunter a year later.

Track List:

1.1 Woman of the Night
1.2 Falling in Love
1.3 One More Night (Last
1.4 Farewell)
1.5 Put Your Lovin' on Me
1.6 Come Back to Me
1.7 Whad'ya Say
1.8 Save It
1.9 Love or Nothing
1.10 I'm Alive
1.11 Fallen Angel

Label: Sanctuary

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