Vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. After the acclaimed Azur (2015) and Afterglow (2017), Triptides are already back with their sixth album, Visitors, the LA based band is probably delivering it's most accomplished album yet. Visitors deepen the exploration started with Azur, digging deeply into fifty years of psychedelic pop music with their trademarked pristine and charming melodies. However, the finer production and musical arrangements shows a real leap forwards in the band recording skills and maturity: the songs of Glenn Bringman and Josh Menashe never chimed that beautifully and accomplished. A truly great accomplishment for a band that has never stopped progressing since it's early days.

Track List:
1.1 All My Life
1.2 When Will I See You Again
1.3 Visitors
1.4 Flashing Before Your Eyes
1.5 Heavy Cloud
1.6 Sunday in the Park
1.7 Saturday Far Away
1.8 The Illusion
1.9 Mary Anne
1.10 My Friend
1.11 Strange Love
1.12 Child of God

Label: Requiem Pour Twister

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