180 gram audiophile vinyl, 4-page booklet. British band Tindersticks formed in 1991, renowned for their orchestral sound and their vocalist Stuart A. Staples' characteristic baritone. Essentially the group combined the dark romanticism of Leonard Cohen, Ian Curtis and Scott Walker with the song craft of Lee Hazelwood and the aesthetics of indie rock. This is especially apparent on their first few records, such as Tindersticks (II) their second eponymous album. Music on Vinyl release this modern day classic on a 180 gram vinyl double LP accompanied with a 4-page booklet.

Track List:
1.1 El Diablo en El Ojo
1.2 A Night in
1.3 My Sister
1.4 Tiny Tears
1.5 Snowy in F# Minor
1.6 Seaweed
1.7 Vertrauen II
1.8 Talk to Me
1.9 No More Affairs
1.10 Singing
1.11 Travelling Light
1.12 Cherry Blossoms
1.13 She's Gone Strings
1.14 Mistakes
1.15 Vertrauen III
1.16 Sleepy Song

Label: Music on Vinyl

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