The haunting strains of a distant melody, the resplendent majesty of an angelic choir; the echoing cries of circling birds, the thundering clomp of charging hoofbeats; the menace of an ominous growl, the soul-stirring chime of a tolling bell, the urgency of a percussive rhythm: Sophie Tassignon conjures all of these with only that most beautiful, boundless and mysterious of instruments, the human voice. On her first solo album, Mysteries Unfold, the Belgian-born, Berlin-based vocalist transcends time and language to explore and evoke a stunning panoply of human emotion.Mysteries Unfold weaves a dazzling sonic tapestry from the varicolored threads of Tassignon's versatile and daring voice. Able to grip the listener's heart with just her emotional expression of a lyric, Tassignon crafts a staggering variety of effects by layering her voice into polyphonic architectures or lush choruses, powerful ensembles or enigmatic atmospheres. Drawing influence from the ancient to the boundary-stretching, she unearths a unifying strain of spiritual longing that underlies the human experience.

Track List:
1.1 Guby Okayannie
1.2 Jolene
1.3 Don't Be So Shy With Me
1.4 Descending Tide
1.5 Witches
1.6 La Nuit
1.7 Cum Dederit
1.8 Mysteries Unfold

Label: Rarenoise Records

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