US only LP pressing of the 2009 debut album from the L.A. Metal 'band'. The Steel Panther "story" begins some 20 years ago when the hardest rocking Metal band of the era forged their own legendary status on the Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, inspiring bands like Anthrax, Warrant and Jane's Addiction to form, only to disappear without a trace on the cusp of signing a major label deal which would guarantee them worldwide adoration. 20 years later, an album so astonishingly hard-rocking lands on the desk of the president of Universal Republic, and the rest is history... in reality, Steel Panther are a living, breathing study in the art of Hair Metal. With tongues firmly lodged in their cheeks, Steel Panther celebrate and ridicule all that was good and bad about the "great" 80's Hard Rock bands whose flamboyant stage shows and tales of excess with booze, sex and narcotics are the stuff of legend - all of which are perfectly repackaged within the four members of this band. 12 tracks including 'Death to All But Metal'. Island.

Track List:
1.1 Death to All But Metal
1.2 Asian Hooker
1.3 Community Property
1.4 Eyes of a Panther
1.5 Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)
1.6 Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'
1.7 Party All Day (F*CK All Night)
1.8 Turn Out the Lights
1.9 Stripper Girl
1.10 Shocker
1.11 Girl from Oklahoma
1.12 Hell's on Fire

Label: Republic

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