Limited edition red vinyl reissue of the stellar 1986 sophomore album from pioneering hardcore band Social Unrest. Social Unrest hailed from Hayward, near San Francisco, in 1980. They soon established themselves as one of the leading forces of the Bay Area early HC Thrash scene. Six years after forming and releasing a debut album and some singles, the band released the mighty Before the Fall album. The songwriting reached new grounds with songs like "American Steel", "Golgotha", "The New Tribes". The band was still fast and aggressive, but the vocals and guitars added great, original harmonies that couldn't be heard on any other record by any band. The slower numbers like "Night of the Long Knives" worked quite well too. SU now really had a sound of their own and were firmly established as one of California's most important bands.

Track List:

1.1 Before the Fall
1.2 American Steel
1.3 The New Tribes
1.4 A Dragon in the Kremlin
1.5 God in Heaven
1.6 Teenage Blue
1.7 Golgotha
1.8 Silicon Visions
1.9 Night of the Long Knives
1.10 My Name Is Nobody
1.11 Three Roses Over Tragedy
1.12 Shock Troopin
1.13 Gimmie Something Better

Label: New Red Archives

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