The Blackburn Bomber aka Bill Shakes, fresh from a week of intense Krav Maga training, took enough time out from "equalising" and "regulating" and meal-planning to release his second ever debut rap album 'Eh?'. A light-hearted and often comical yet not-to-be-messed-with summary/tribute to life in the gritty northern town of Blackburn, which Shakes is a native of. True stories, anecdotes and unique catchphrases and slang galore; Bill Shakes is strongly repping Blackburn, England using advanced rap skills and delivering with that unmistakable personality and Lancastrian drawl. All this against a backdrop of progressive and varied music production handled by Lee Scott and Jack Chard. An original Blah Records and Children of The Damned member for more than 12 years, yet this is Bill Shakes' first ever second solo album, quite rightly exciting the Blah Records core fanbase. This is his story.

Track List:
1.1 Chips 'N' Gravy
1.2 Smartprice Ft. King Grubb
1.3 Tugay Kerimoglu
1.4 Once Upon a Time in Blackburn
1.5 Yeah Yeah
1.6 Uvavu Kart 64 Ft. King Grubb
1.7 The Legend of B Town
1.8 Eleven Thirty
1.9 Lost S07E01 Ft. Jam Baxter
1.10 Funkpellybrick Ft. Sly Moon
1.11 U Wot M8

Label: Blah Records

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