'German duo Session Victim bring their latest and fourth studio album via 'Night Time Stories' the London based sister label to the coveted 'LateNightTales' marks a notable move towards the downtempo dynamic of artists like Nightmares on Wax DJ Shadow and Portishead. Artists that have all played a strong influence in Session Victim's variety of output over the last decade. 'Needledrop' provides a suite of both uplifting and easy-listening moments refined and understated individually yet cohesively crafted with the honest musicianship and inarguable credentials that we know of production duo Session Victim.

Track List:

1.1 Bad Weather Mates
1.2 The Pain
1.3 Made Me Fly with Beth Hirsch
1.4 Jazzbeat 7
1.5 No Sky
1.6 Blue Sound
1.7 Waller and Pierce
1.8 Needledrop
1.9 Isle of Taste
1.10 Cold Chills
1.11 Still High
1.12 Glimmer

Label: Night Time Stories

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