Limited colored vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket including digital download. Original soundtrack to the 1988 motion picture, the first time it has been available on any format, Brian begins an unwilling symbiotic relationship with a malevolent leech-like brain-eating parasite called Aylmer. Aylmer secretes a highly addictive, hallucinogenic blue fluid into Brian's brain. In return for a steady supply of the fluid, Brian must seek out human victims for Aylmer, so that he can eat their brains. All the while, though, as Brian adopts a heavily secluded life in his indulgence of Aylmer's fluids, it begins to draw a rift in his relationship with his girlfriend Barbara and his brother.

Track List:
1.1 Opening Titles
1.2 Parasite Lost
1.3 Bathtub Sting
1.4 Rude Awakening
1.5 Waking and Dreaming
1.6 Brian Meets Aylmer
1.7 Aylmer's Bite
1.8 Brian Against the Wall
1.9 Auto Graveyard
1.10 Wrecks and Windshields
1.11 Night Watchman
1.12 Juiced Again
1.13 Pasta Con Cerebrum
1.14 St. Mark's Place Scurry
1.15 Corruption
1.16 Aylmer's First Bojwolb
1.17 A Little Bite Music
1.18 Cold Turkey
1.19 Aylmer's Tune
1.20 Toilet Murder
1.21 Brian Gets Aroused
1.22 Martha Finds Aylmer
1.23 Martha Bites It
1.24 Theo and Aylmer
1.25 Brian and Theo
1.26 A Little Light Music
1.27 End Credits

Label: Terror Vision

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