"In true Jeff Rosenstock fashion, singer/songwriter/all around great guy Jeff Rosenstock shocked the globe today as he finally unleashed details surrounding his highly anticipated new solo album, We Cool?. The LP comes out through SideOneDummy Record... We Cool? serves as a much-needed alternative to the over-bloated rock star faux-indie bullshit that seems to be overwhelming today's music scene. Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley (Tony Molina, Joyce Manor, Deafheaven), this album is a welcome change from Jeff's standard method of making a record. "The difference between recording in an apartment with a small amount of cheap gear that is constantly breaking vs. An actual studio with cool things to use and a really talented person running everything is immeasurable," Jeff explains." - Shrum (New Noise Magazine)

Track List:
1.1 Get Old Forever
1.2 You, in Weird Cities
1.3 Novelty Sweater
1.4 Nausea
1.5 Beers Again Alone
1.6 I'm Serious, I'm Sorry
1.7 Hey Allison!
1.8 Polar Bear or Africa
1.9 Hall of Fame
1.10 All Blissed Out
1.11 The Lows
1.12 Darkness Records

Label: Side One Dummy

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