Tucson, Arizona's Matt Rendon has certainly done his homework. Over the course of 22 years and six albums as The Resonars (seven if you count the Butterscotch Cathedral album; a one-ff psychedelic magnum opus released in 2015) for labels like Get Hip & Burger, Rendon's musical vision has remained unwavering; a paean to a lost-era of analog recording, whip-smart, dynamic songwriting, and soul-stirring anthems to ignite generations. "No Exit" is his latest album as The Resonars. Rendon has consistently proven to have a knack for an everyman style of songwriting that doesn't seem rote or tired, lacing his melodic vocal harmonies with that melancholic joy omnipresent in the best numbers by bands like The Beach Boys, Big Star or even Simon & Garfunkel's pop hits. Despite being the first Resonars album in 5 years, Rendon shows no signs of stopping; He's a rock & roll lifer, having been raised in a musical environment & osmosis thru older sibling's rock fandom, proving once it's inside you there's no escape. "No Exit", if you will.

Track List:
1.1 Louise Tonight
1.2 The Man Who Does Nothing
1.3 Gone Is the Road
1.4 Who's Gonna Believe You Now?
1.5 Days Fade Away
1.6 Before You're Gone
1.7 Tucson Drag/All Those Hat
1.8 Dull Today
1.9 Fell Into a World
1.10 Gotta Get Out
1.11 Attention Here
1.12 Beagle Theory

Label: Trouble in Mind

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