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The progressive metal band Queensrche broke into the mainstream with their acclaimed 1988 album Operation: Mindcrime. The album featured the first charting hits of the band, "Eyes of a Stranger" and "I Don't Believe in Love." Operation: Mindcrime was certified Platinum by the RIAA not long after its release. The album follows the story of Nikki, a drug addict who becomes disillusioned with the corrupt society of his time and reluctantly becomes involved with a revolutionary group as an assassin of political leaders.

Its sequel, Operation: Mindcrime II, was released in 2006 and contained the singles "I'm American" and "The Hands." It picked up the story where the original left off, with Nikki out of prison and seeking revenge for the killing of his beloved former-prostitute-turned-nun, Sister Mary. In support of the album, the band went on tour and performed the two albums in their entirety for three consecutive nights in October 2006 at The Moore Theatre in Seattle.

For the very first time, the live album Mindcrime At The Moore is now available on vinyl. The 4LP set is available as a limited edition of 3,500 individually numbered copies on translucent red, solid white & black marbled vinyl and contains an insert.


Side A:

  1. I Remember Now
  2. Anarchy-X
  3. Revolution Calling
  4. Operation: Mindcrime
  5. Speak
  6. Spreading The Disease

Side B:

  1. The Mission
  2. Suite Sister Mary
  3. The Needle Lies

Side C:

  1. Electric Requiem
  2. Breaking The Silence
  3. I Don't Believe In Love
  4. Waiting For 22
  5. My Empty Room
  6. Eyes Of A Stranger

Side D:

  1. Freiheit Ouverture
  2. Convict
  3. I'm American
  4. One Foot In Hell
  5. Hostage

Side E:

  1. The Hands
  2. Speed Of Light
  3. Signs Say Go
  4. Re-Arrange You
  5. The Chase

Side F:

  1. Murderer?
  2. Circles
  3. If I Could Change It All
  4. An Intentional Confrontation

Side G:

  1. A Junkie's Blues
  2. Fear City Slide
  3. All The Promises

Side H - Encore:

  1. Walk In The Shadows
  2. Jet City Woman

Label: Music on Vinyl

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