Vinyl LP pressing. 2020 release. Puss N Boots - the charming trio featuring Norah Jones, Sasha Dobson, and Catherine Popper - release their second full-length album, Sister. Sister is a fetching collection of originals written by the band members collectively and individually, mixed with loving covers of songs by Tom Petty ("Angel Dream"), Dolly Parton ("The Grass Is Blue"), Paul Westerberg ("It's a Wonderful Lie"), and Concrete Blonde ("Joey").

Track List:

1.1 Jamola (Sasha Dobson, Norah Jones, Catherine Popper)
1.2 It's Not Easy (Sasha Dobson, Norah Jones, Catherine Popper)
1.3 Nothing You Can Do (Sasha Dobson)
1.4 Lucky (Catherine Popper)
1.5 You And Me (Sasha Dobson)
1.6 You Don't Know (Norah Jones)
1.7 The Great Romancer (Sasha Dobson, Don Was)
1.8 It's A Wonderful Lie (Paul Westerberg)
1.9 Sister (Sasha Dobson, Norah Jones, Catherine Popper)
1.10 The Razor Song (Catherine Popper)
1.11 Angel Dream (Tom Petty)
1.12 Same Old Bullshit (Helen Rogers)

Label: Blue Note Records

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