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Persuader was founded in Umea (Sweden) in 1997. In 1998, the band released their first demo 'Visions And Dreams', which has got some good reviews from various magazines and webzines. The following debut album 'The Hunter' from 2000, they won several 'Best Newcomer Awards'. Unfortunately, this album did not received the attention it deserved since their former label Loud N Proud Records went bankrupt and thus the CD was not available in stores. By a happy turn they learned of the 'Young Metal Gods' competition from Noise Int., which they won in Bochum. This in turn led to their album 'Evolution Purgatory'. The songwriting duo Emil Norberg and Efraim Juntunen mixed a variety of styles to create their unique sound Persuader. This flexibility made their 2006 album 'When Eden Burns,' without a doubt, the best work that the band had delivered. The fourth album Persuader 'The Fiction Maze', with which the band songwriting, performance and sound has perfected, is another step forward. 'The Fiction Maze' is proof that Persuader are still one of the hottest Swedish bands. 'The Fiction Maze' scene will be a milestone in power metal. Do not miss one of the best albums.

Track List:

1.1 One Lifetime
1.2 War
1.3 The Fiction Maze
1.4 Deep in the Dark
1.5 Insect
1.6 Son of Sodom
2.1 Sent to the Grave
2.2 Heathen
2.3 Dagon Rising
2.4 Worlds Collide
2.5 Falling Faster
2.6 Falling Faster

Label: Inner Wound Records
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