Limited dark green vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. German band Orden Ogan continues their rise to the top of the genre: their album Gunmen secured numerous chart entries worldwide - peaking at #8 in Germany for example. Orden Ogan is a German power metal band with progressive and folk metal elements. The band was formed in 1996 by Sebastian GrA tling (drums) and Sebastian Levermann (lead vocals and guitar).[citation needed] They currently have three demo albums and six studio albums and are signed with AFM Records. They are also the organizers of the German metal festival WinterNachtsTraum, which has featured such bands as Rage, Sinister, Axxis, Ensiferum, Van Canto, and Agathodaimon

Track List:
1.1 Graves Bay
1.2 To New Shores of Sadness
1.3 Winds of Vale
1.4 Farewell
1.5 Reality Lost
1.6 This Is
1.7 This Was
1.8 Something Pretending
1.9 The Lords of the Flies
1.10 ... and If You Do Right
1.11 What I'm Recalling
1.12 A Friend of Mine
1.13 The Candle Lights

Label: Afm Records

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