Vinyl LP pressing of this archive release featuring the late Joe Nanini, former drummer for Wall of Voodoo. Nanini, the first drummer to combine live and e-drums in recorded and live punk, made an ellpee in the late 1990s on his way to buy some more heroin in Koreatown... calling on old friends Billy Bass Nelson, multi-sax/reed Hollywood genius Spyder Mitellmann, proto-punk KK Barrett, Rhino 39 superstars Jason Scharback and Larry Parrott as well as the undead, unmatched Dangerhouse Records production team... all these souls spewed forth a sound that couldn't be repeated in public... and never was, as band members kept dying more quickly than they could be replaced, Deep shit to say the least, and it's lyrical quiescence should be completely thawed before fundamental assimilation, as the instrumentals contain no words.

Track List:

1.1 The Reverend
1.2 Better Way
1.3 Muffy's Doughnuts
1.4 Gnarly
1.5 Book of Mormon
1.6 Kimba's Butt
1.7 Bohica
1.8 Theme from the 10th Victim
1.9 Walk/Don't Walk
1.10 Kimba's Balls
1.11 Up in the Air
1.12 Does Mommy Know?
1.13 Triple Yo Income
1.14 Corner Bar

Label: Dangerhouse

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