Nebraska songwriter David Nance returns to Trouble In Mind with his fifth(proper) studio album "Staunch Honey", his follow-up to his acclaimed 2018album "Peaced and Slightly Pulverized". Returning to the home-recorded magicof his early albums, "Staunch Honey" was recorded entirely to tape by Nancehimself at his Omaha home with scattered assistance from his longtime livebandmates Jim Schroeder & Kevin Donohue. "Staunch Honey" is the culmination of two years of hard work - Nance workedand reworked the album three times over, recording & rerecording songs until theysounded just so - a stunning batch of sonic manna that hums with feeling andmood; expertly crafted, but sounding simultaneously off-the-cuff. Nance dials backthe squalling feedback & raging guitars found on "Peaced..." into something a bitmellower, like the soundtrack to a late-night drive or late night hangs. Rusted &dusted with mid-fi, stoney brilliance. "The Merchandise" kicks off the album, lopinginto earshot with an off-kilter countrified gait, not unlike a front porch jam session.This vibe permeates the album, other tunes like "Save Me Some Tears", "GentleTraitor" & "When The Covers Come Off" burn with casual intensity, while rockers like"My Love, The Dark and I" and "Sell It All Night" sizzle with a six-string fury. "BlackMustang" - the penultimate number - is a real standout, with a subtle banjoplucking in the background & a palpable yearning and melancholy. Nance's truegift as a songwriter lies in his ability to craft poetry and personas that feel "lived-in".There's a world-weariness to his lyrical and musical approach, but rooted in joy,love and above all; passion. Many of the tunes on "Staunch Honey" feel like classics,but that's because in Nance's hands - they are. Not content to let the album go bywithout the rumble of guitar, "If The Truth Ever Shows Up" closes out the album. It'san instrumental jam with Nance wrangling and riffing on a gut-punching guitar solofor 6-plus minutes that feels very much like the end credits to a long-lost midnightmovie. "Staunch Honey" is released on compact disc, black vinyl (a limited "Fool's Gold"color vinyl pressing is available while supplies last) and released digitally viamost streaming platforms on November 13th, 2021

Track List:

1.1 The Merchandise
1.2 My Love, the Dark and I
1.3 This Side of the Moon
1.4 Save Me Some Tears
1.5 July Sunrise
1.6 Gentle Traitor
1.7 Learn the Curve
1.8 When the Covers Come Off
1.9 Sell It All Night
1.10 Black Mustang
1.11 If the Truth Ever Shows Up

Label: Trouble in Mind

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