Corleone is a 1978 Italian crime film also known as Father of the Godfather. It stars Claudia Cardinale, Giuliano Gemma and Tony Kendall and is set in Sicily in the 1950s. The music for the movie was composed by El Maestro, Ennio Morricone. His composition sounds fascinating and strong and completely fits with the storyline of this Italian crime movie.Available on vinyl for the first time as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on yellow coloured vinyl.

Track List:

1.1 Addio a Palermo
1.2 Corleone
1.3 Una Voce Dal Carcere
1.4 Rivolta Popolare
1.5 Addio Al Figlio
1.6 Corleone
1.7 Cospirazione
1.8 In Tribunale
1.9 Alla Donna
1.10 Cassandra
1.11 Una Voce Dal Carcere
1.12 Celebrazione E Colazione
1.13 Addio a Palermo
1.14 Cospirazione
1.15 Corleone
1.16 Una Voce Dal Carcere
1.17 Addio a Palermo
1.18 Cospirazione
1.19 In Tribunale
1.20 Una Voce Dal Carcere
1.21 Addio a Palermo
1.22 Corleone (Jazz Source Music)

Label: Music on Vinyl

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