Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 release from the Jazz Rock outfit. Mole present themselves now in trio formation, with Japanese wonder bassist Stomu Takeishi on bass duties. Compared to 2012's WHAT'S THE MEANING, the music has become more angular, rhythmic, as always sustained by drummer Hernan Hecht (a Grammy winner as a producer), who incessantly propels the music forward with polyrhythmic virtuosity. Mole's signature sound, whose origin is to be found in the excellent and melodic writing of Mark Aanderud, is always present throughout. Mole's music will please fans of Modern Jazz piano trios as they offer a take that on the music that is more rhythmic, as can be expected when considering their South American roots.

Track List:

1.1 Sub-All
1.2 Reasons
1.3 Winip
1.4 Rodriguez
1.5 Ine Sest
1.6 Wix

Label: Rarenoise Records

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