Vinyl LP pressing. 2020 mini-album. Released in August 2019, Modern Nature's debut album - How to Live - crossed the urban and rural into each other. Plaintive cello strains melted into motorik beats. Pastoral field recordings drifted through looping guitar figures. The album was met with universal acclaim and featured in a number of publication's 'Best Of 2019' lists. Their mini-album Annual, recorded in December 2019 at Gizzard Studio in London, is another step towards something more liberated and a world away from the sound of Jack Cooper's previous bands. Will Young sits this one out, concentrating on his work with Beak, but How To Live collaborator Jeff Tobias takes a more central role, alongside percussionist Jim Wallis.

Track List:

1.1 Dawn
1.2 Flourish
1.3 Mayday
1.4 Halo
1.5 Harvest
1.6 Ritual
1.7 Wynter

Label: Bella Union

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