Limited double vinyl LP pressing including bonus flexidisc single. Repressed due to popular demand! The first pressing of Mitch Murder's 2014 Interceptor album sold out almost immediately and has been highly sought after ever since. As a nod to Mitch's favorite era and an extra bonus item, we have included an Exclusive Flexi Disc in this package with the single "Lit". The fabled Mitch Murder is an overworked Wall Street I.T. guy from the '80s, whose dreams transport him to other realities. His music is the soundtrack to these dreams. With retro synth patterns and 8-bit Nintendo-esque visuals, Interceptor provides the soundtrack to a glitched out utopia illuminated in neon. In the album, the artist blends his nostalgic sound with futurism to draw the listener into his world, where one minute you may find yourself coming up on an enemies hideout with Mr. T and the rest of the A*team, and the next you'll be speeding away on a stolen top-secret motorcycle with a microchip in your pocket.

Track List:
1.1 Saturdays
1.2 High Performance
1.3 The Touch
1.4 Race Day
1.5 Interceptor
1.6 Snow Crash
2.1 Breakazoid
2.2 Thanks for Playing
2.3 In the Fast Lane
2.4 Stages
2.5 Nocturne
2.6 Traces to Nowhere
3.1 Lit

Label: Mad Decent

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