With their 5th album, "Panopticon", Metal Inquisitor keep on doing it the traditional way, without ignoring the zeitgeist. The new album turned out to be modern but was produced with a hint of old-school at the Gates Of Dawn Studio. The renowned HOFA-Studios took care of the album's final touches. You can look forward to hymns like "Free Fire Zone" or "Beyond Nightmares" in particular, which has a killer chorus, that perfectly reflects Metal Inquisitor's own unique style.

Track List:
1.1 Free Fire Zone
1.2 Change of Front
1.3 Beyond Nightmares
1.4 Trial By Combat
1.5 Shock Tactics
1.6 Re-Sworn the Oath
1.7 Scent of Fear
1.8 War of the Priests
1.9 Discipline and Punish

Label: Massacre

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