Jesse Malin was previously in NY hardcore band Heart Attack, then formed D Generation. D Generation released 3 albums in the 1990's. After the band, he ventured into a solo career having his first album produced by Ryan Adams. His third album featured a track with Bruce Springsteen and was released on Billie Joe Armstrong's label Adeline Records (they had a relationship from when D Generation opened for Green Day). Album is produced by Lucinda Williams and features Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day on track Strangers & Thieves. They'll be submitting for grammy nomination

Track List:
1.1 Meet Me at the End of the World Again
1.2 Room 13
1.3 When You're Young
1.4 Chemical Heart
1.5 Promises
1.6 Shining Down
1.7 Shane
1.8 Strangers ; Thieves
1.9 Revelations
1.10 Gray Skies Look So Blue
1.11 Do You Really Wanna Know
1.12 Friends in Florida
1.13 Dead on
1.14 My Little Life

Label: Wicked Cool Record

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